Being an English teacher in Lebanon.

Most of the time, being an English teacher is really great. I’m in year four, so some would still call me naive, but I’ve seen a lot and I still think it’s really great nearly all of the time. Obviously, there’s summer break to consider- a very, very necessary break for those of us who spend the year attempting to get dozens of unmotivated students through four major essays a year (a piece, you do the math) so that they can cross the stage and get a diploma someday. Then there’s Christmas Break. And snow days. And the fact that a teacher’s schedule is often family-friendly for working moms.

But none of these are really English Teacher specific benefits. You see, there are certain joys and certain pains that are reserved strictly for us teachers of the English Language/Communication Arts/Language Arts/Whatever they’re calling it this year. Often stereotyped as glasses-wearing, high-pitched, mean and cranky ladies, we English teachers really have a lot more to us than other people may think. I mean, spend a few minutes in the Faculty Lounge during lunch and you will likely wonder if YOUR high school English teachers were like that. I think we’re pretty awesome actually.
So, in no particular order, here are ten things you may not know about why being an English Teacher is both really awesome and really hard. English teacher friends, this one’s for you! Enjoy.

Sometimes, being an English teacher is really hard:
1. ESSAYS. You dread writing them, we dread grading them.
Seriously, I literally spent ALL of yesterday with this stack of papers. They aren’t so bad at first. But throw 75 papers in a pile, then try to stay awake on the couch while reading nearly the same thing (and writing the same comments) over and over again. What’s worse is that you literally taught them all of this in class, but they STILL didn’t get it. Oh, and did I mention that you don’t get paid extra for giving up 10 hours of your life on the weekend to grade them? Major bummer.
2. We are perfectionists who are forced to majorly multi-task.
Do you check your grammar before sending every text or email? Do you spend hours searching the web to find the perfect photo for your powerpoint? Or do you read three novels at once while annotating great questions and working on discussion prompts for a student-led activity for tomorrow? We do. We don’t want our kids to miss out on the education they deserve, especially when their speaking, listening, writing, reading, and grammar skills will forever reflect our high school. We don’t try to be perfectionists when it comes to grammar, lesson-planning, or giving feedback, we just care so much that we can’t help it.
3. We get the lowest, most uninterested kids.
This is a bit of a struggle for all core teachers. Essentially, you have to take and pass our classes to graduate. Great job security, but it’s not like every kid who enters your door is going to be singing your praises, even if you were the greatest English teacher ever (and I’m not). I have countless students tell me that English isn’t their favorite subject, and I know they’ll like me even less when I make them write four essays. This makes classroom management a fun treat sometimes, especially when little Bobby is more into watching Netflix on his computer than learning how to write a topic sentence when he doesn’t even know what a verb is.
4. Enabling parents. Period.
Gosh I am learning a lot about how I won’t choose to parent. Small rant here: enabling parents who put all the blame on the teacher and none on their kids are the worst!! Seriously, your kid has a bad grade because that is what they have earned. It doesn’t mean I’m an awful teacher, and it doesn’t mean your kid is being treated unfairly. Perhaps you should ask them to actually do their homework and turn it in on time. Then hold them accountable with consequences. Shocking, the life lessons that I’m attempting to teach your kid.
5. We hear the heart-wrenching stories of our kids’ lives, and it tears us up inside.
One of the very worst parts of being an English teacher are all of the heart-breaking stories that we read, hear, and are told about what kids these days are dealing with. I can’t legally say much, but I’ll tell you, they aren’t easy to hear. Today’s kids are trying to handle things they shouldn’t have to at this age. They’re just kids. It’s so, so sad, and it’s shocking how much you can really care about kids that you see 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 9 months.

لأنو شب…

هو شب… حجة بسمعها كل ما اسأل ليش انا لأ… هو شب… بحقلو يلي ما بحق لغيرو

هو شب… بتعمل فرق بأصغر الاشياء لأكبرها..ليش؟ لانو هو شب

هو مسمحلو يحكي مع مية بنت.. و اذا شب حكا مع اختو بتصير ما بتسوا..لأنو هو شب

هو حلال يضل للساعة وحدة بليل بس ما بيقبل شي وحدة تضل للوحدة..لأنو هو شب

هو لازم يكون زلمي بصوتو العالي و هي ما لازم ترد علي..لأنو هو شب

هو رجولتي بحجم انفتحو بس هو فتح كل شي الا عقلو الفوقاني..لأنو هو شب

هو معليش يلطش البنات بس ما بيقبلها ع اختو لأنو بنات العالم مش لعبة..و لأنو هو شب

هو معو ضو اخضر بتربية مرتو عن جديد و اضرب يد من حديد

هو بيخجل من اختو لانو معاشها اعلى..بس بجوزها لأنو مهرها بيغلا

هو لازم يرجع على البيت و الطاولة السفرة جاهزة..و المرض عند مرتو اكبر حجة

هو عصبي لازم تتحملي

هو موتر ما دايقي

هو تعبان ما تزعجي

هو جعان اوعى ما طعمي

هو مزعوج لازم تستوعبي

هو مخنوق ما تعصبي

هو فللو من شغلو هم ع قلبو لا تزيدي

هو ضربك تحملي

و الموس بلعي

هو شب

و لانو هو شب ما تجادلي

بس يحكيكي راسك بالارض حطي

ما تكوني وقحة و تحكي

جبروكي تتزوجي ..فحبي و صدرك شقي

اذا ما بدك تسمعي.. بينك و بينو ما تقبلي تفرقي

لانو هو شب و برجولتو ما تدقي

The death of the greatest.

Muhammad Ali, the silver-tongued boxer and the civil rights activist died at the age of 74; after 20 years of suffering with the Parkinson’s disease. He died at Phoenix-area Hospital, after spending many days treating respiratory problems.

After a 32-year battle with Parkinson’s disease, Muhammad Ali has passed away at the age of 74. The three-time World Heavyweight Champion boxer died this evening,” Bob Gunnell, a family spokesman, told NBC News.

Ali had suffered for three decades from Parkinson’s, a progressive neurological condition that slowly robbed him of both his legendary verbal grace and his physical dexterity. A funeral service is planned in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Muhammad Ali - Article Page Top Image

His daughter Rasheda said early Saturday that the legend was “no longer suffering,” describing him as “daddy, my best friend and hero” as well as “the greatest man that ever lived.”

Even as his health declined, Ali did not shy from politics or controversy, releasing a statement in December criticizing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States. “We as Muslims have to stand up to those who use Islam to advance their own personal agenda,” he said.


The remark bookended the life of a man who burst into the national consciousness in the early 1960s, when as a young heavyweight champion he converted to Islam and refused to serve in the Vietnam War, and became an emblem of strength, eloquence, conscience and courage. Ali was an anti-establishment showman who transcended borders and barriers, race and religion. His fights against other men became spectacles, but he embodied much greater battles.

One of Ali’s most famous quotes: Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Society claims that homosexuality is a disease.

After reading several articles online and after watching yesterday’s episode of Lel-Nasher by Rima Karaki; I have decided to look for the real information and facts about the great taboo of homosexuality.

An article was published in year 2015 or so by Thaqafnafsak blog online; I was shocked to read very bizarre and made up facts about homosexuality. In which, the writer claimed that homosexuality is a disease and the patient must face severe help because this might cause troubles in the society and for the gay person him/herself. Also, it was claimed that science proved that there is a gay gene that causes a person to become the person they’ve become. The link is attached here: 

The writer also claims the following:

  1. Homosexuality is NOT a personal choice; because if the person was a teen or an adult, they both have biological and/or psychological issues (seriously?). Also, it was claimed that the gay person can actually get rid of this disease by specific therapies.
  2. Homosexuality is a mental disorder; because (according to the writer’s beliefs), there is a gene called “hypothalamus” in the brain, which is responsible of spreading the hormones of abnormal and gay genes. When in reality, the hypothalamus is a section in the brain that is responsible of the body’s essential hormones. It has a physiological function which is to govern temperature regulation, thirst, hunger, sleep, mood, sex drive and other body functions. It DOES help the human’s sex drive but is NOT an abnormal gene.
  3. Homosexuals might be born “like that”; here, the writer claims that homosexuality comes by BIRTH because of biological troubles such irrational hormones or social, family and friends displacements. WHAT?
  4. Some animals like lions, penguins, dolphins can be gay; this is very true but what does the human social factors have to do with that?
  5. Chromosomes of a gay person; the writer claims that there is a gay chromosome which triggers the feelings of affection to the same gender. In reality, no study have yet showed that this is true!
  6. A gay person CAN change. The writer strongly agrees that gays CAN change because the reason of their homosexuality are abnormal hormones or dysfunction between family and friends. My question here is, why do you wan to “change” a homosexual person? And, how do you know that they are unhappy with themselves?
  7. Homosexuals ALWAYS suffer from biological and psychological diseases. How do you know? We all suffer from certain biological and/or psychological issues.
  8. Homosexual mother/father are horrible parents; because as the writer decides, that “such” parents are unhealthy to the society. Well, it was scientifically proven that pollution, war, AIDS, HIV and traffic jams are unhealthy to the society!
  9. The APPEARANCE of a gay person. This is so bizarre to read, but the writer claims again that the physical appearance of a homosexual who wears too much make up, jewelry makes the homosexual look gay. Also, the writer decided that, “such” appearances are unacceptable to the societies and is an insult to religions and against the society rules.


Lastly, the writer ended the post by “a person who SUFFERS from homosexuality is a really troubled person because he/she loses the happiness of a family existence and they must seek help.” Really?

Well, I personally find this post bizarre and noneducational. It only attacks homosexuals because the writer invented personal facts because homophobia. I also believe that homosexuality IS a personal choice; just like choosing a burger over a pizza. And, a study from APA (American Psychological Association) clearly showed that homosexuality is NOT a disease.

This must be a wake up call to all the upcoming generations and all the people around the world.


نار بين اللبنانيين و المطربة أحلام

من بعد ما توقف برنامج “الملكة” للفنانة أحلام الشامسي على تلفزيون دبي بعد بث اول حلقة من طلب من الجمهور و المشاهدين … استغل عادل كرم الفرصة حتى يتمسخر على هيدا الموضوع و على معجبين احلام الملقبين بالحلوميين وقرر يعمل انو احلام بتقدر تسكر الخزينة بالبلد لأنو برأيو بتمتلك كل انواع الذهب..على هيدا الموال ردت احلام عبر المواقع التواصل الاجتماعي و شملت البنايين كلن مش خصت بالرد لعادل كرم بس

وصفت احلام اللبنايين بالشحادين و بياعين فلافل مما ادى نضال الأحمدية تشن هجوم عليها و تطلق هاشتاغ #منع_احلام_من_دخول_لبنان يلي شارك في الملايين من الناس و اشخاص من وسط الفني..


عادل كرم من جهتو استعان بقعدة سلطان بالاستديو و عمل نشرة لأحلام عن الهجوم يلي عملتو على اللبنانيين مع انو عادل هو يلي بلش هيدي التفاهة و المسخرة يلي دايما موجودة بجو برنامجو… اما هشام حداد ترطقلو بطير عقلو زاد للقصة بهار و جاب بقرة على الاستديو و صار يعمل نكت عن احلام على اساس عم يحكي مع احلام و يوجه الحديث للبقرة يعني عمل احلام و للأسف من فصيلة البقر..و يلي فرجا قداي صار 0الكوميديا تافهة على التلفزيون.. من بعد كل هالطوشة كتير اشياء و اسئلة كان لازم تنطرح

مش معقول الفنانة احلام تقبل الاستفزاز يلي طالها من قبل عادل كرم بس كان مفروض ترد عليه شخصيا و ما تشمل الشعب كلو

ليش مسموح لعادل كرم يتمسخر على احلام و ما يقبل الرد؟

مستوى الكوميدي وصل تحت الأرض لأنو كلو عبارة عن تمسخر على الناس و نكت من الزنار و نازل و تفاهة درجة اولى

لما عادل كرم يقول..يلي بجيب سيرة لبنان رقبتو منقطعها..لبش هو مش مشوه صورة لبنان بالمواضيع يلي بيحكي فيها؟

احلام معها حق بأنو عنا زبالة كنوع من الوطنية بس ما معها حق تسب الشعب اللبناني كلو بسبب نكتة بايخة يلي عادل عطا لحالو الصلاحية يقولها

شو استفاد هشام حداد لما جاب بقرة على استديو؟ رد على احلام؟ بالعكس..قلل من قيمة برنامجو

ممكن طريقة اختيار احلام للكلمات كانت غلط بس ممكن تتنازل عن العرش و تعتذر من الشعب و كل يلي اسأو الها يعتذرو من نضال الاحمدية و جر

و اخيرا .. من الواضح انو اللبناني ناطر خبرية على الكوع حتى يتمسخر و يعمل نكتة..كتير عيب و مؤسف وصول الكوميديا لهيدي الدراجات من التفاهة

Why 21.03.2016?

21.03 is well known to be a Mothers’ Day worldwide and is celebrated annually between children and their mothers; it is a historical celebration that is traced back to the ancient Greeks and ancient Romans, who used to hold celebrations in honor of mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele, which then became Mothering Celebrations.

It was first organized by Anna Jarvis who never got married and never had any child of her own but she was a great inspiration to organize it in 1908. On May 10, families gathered events in Jarvis’s hometown, West Virginia.

History_History_of_Mothers_Day_SF_still_624x352.jpgAnna Jarvis’s idea of an intimate Mother’s Day quickly became a commercial gold mine centering on the buying and giving of flowers, candies, and greeting cards—a development that deeply disturbed Jarvis. She set about dedicating herself and her sizable inheritance to returning Mother’s Day to its reverent roots. Jarvis incorporated herself as the Mother’s Day International Association and tried to retain some control of the holiday. She organized boycotts, threatened lawsuits, and even attacked First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt for using Mother’s Day to raise funds for charities.

Today, of course, Mother’s Day continues to roll on as an engine of consumerism.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend an average of $162.94 on mom this year, down from a survey high of $168.94 last year. Total spending is expected to reach $19.9 billion.

The holiday Anna Jarvis launched has spread around much of the world, though it’s celebrated with varying enthusiasm, in various ways, and on various days—though more often than not on the second Sunday in May.

In much of the Arab world, Mother’s Day is on March 21, which happens to loosely coincide with the start of spring.

Last but not least … Happy mothers day!


عاصفة نضافة تجتاح لبنان

صرلي فترة عم بسمع نفس الجملة من كتير ناس “معو من هالمرض” أو “هالمرض موتو” بس يا ترى شو هو هالمرض؟ ليش زايد اخر فترة؟ أول جواب ممكن يعطي اللبناني محاوط بالنضافة و يخزي العين عالنضافة بدو مين يزقفلها حتى ترقص..
صار عندي الفضول أعرف السبب الحقيقي ورا هالانتشار الفظيع؛ جريدة The Daily Star كتبت عن جبل الثلج الموجود ببيروت.. بس تلج من نوع آخر..


صار في احصاء حول ازدياد عدد الأمراض و “هالمرض” بالذات.. وصلت الاحصاءات لنتيجة انو بلبنان و من بعد كارثة النضافة يلي ضربت البلد زادت الأمراض و خصوصا “هالمرض” أو السرطان بخمسة بالمية من مجموع 8,868 مريض تسجل عن جديد و النسبة عم تزيد كل شهر! وقفت إحترام اذا سمحتو…

بسنة 2006, سجلت وزارة الصحة اللبنانية 8,384 حالة طارئة من السرطان و اكترية السرطانات كان من سرطان الثدي عند الرجال و النساء..

أما و بدون طول سيرة عملت الجامعة الأمريكية في بيروت احصاءات جديدة و أعلنت حالة طوارئ تاني لأنو نسبة السرطان زادت بأكتر من 5% و هيدا لفضل دولتنا الكريمة يلي غامرتنا بحنان الزبالة…

اخيرا و ليس آخر.. كل الشكر و التقدير لكل وزير و نائب و رئيس الجمهورية يلي ما حدا بيعرف وين ضايع على النضافة يلي وصلت البلد يأخد جائزة اكبر مزبلة .. خليكن يا حلوين مكمشين بالكرسي الفاضي و خلي العواصف النضيفة و الجياشة تضرب البلد لأنو انتو أصل “هالمرض” بلبنان…

بيومك العالمي…ما تكوني اجر كرسي

اليوم العالمي للمرأة, شو يعني هالنهار؟ شو يعني يوم عالمي للمرأة؟ شو يعني انو المرأة يكون عندها يوم موحد بيحتفل في كل النساء حول العالم؟ مش ضرورة الاحتفال يكون حفلة مع رقص و موسيقى صاخبة.ممكن نحتفل في بين و بين حالنا, نتذكر انو المرأة تعتبر من الدرجة الثانية بمعضم الدول العربية او حتى بلا دراجات أبدا.بكتير من البيوت العربية البنت,السيدة أو المرأة محطوطة على الرف…بكتير من البيوت بعدها البنت منا كافية اذا الأهل ما عندن غير بنات لازم يكون في شاب حتى يحمل اسم العيلة و اذا شي عيلة ما ساقبت صار عندها شباب بيتسما الأب أبو البنات.صرنا بسنة ال2016 و بعد في عقليات بتأمن و بتشجع على جرايم الشرف لأنو البنت وسخت اسم العيلة بعملتها,مش لأنو الشب حريتو فوق الريح و رجولتي بتنقاس بكم بنت بشد لعندو او هو رب النسوان

بهيدي المناسبة بدي قدم تحية لكل بنت,سيدة و مرأة بعالم العربي و قلها انو رح يجي يوم و تصيري مرأة ذات قيمة, ام ذات اختصاص ما, بنت طموحة و طالعة على درج احلامها

بدي خبر كل بنت قالو عنا عانس,انتي حرة و حرة بقرارتك و اختيارتك

بدي خبر كل سيدة استغلت و انرحمت لأنو المرجلة مواحطتها من كل النواحي…بدي خبرك انو الرجولة مش بالعضلات ولا بكلمات الجارحة

بدي خبر كل بنت انو فيكي تكبري و تعيشي بلا زلمي بحياتك..بدي خبر كل صبية قطعت سن ال20 و بعدها ما تزوجت و زعلانة على حضها لأنو الماما ما عندها غيرك

بدي خبر كل سيدة بكل أنحاء العالم العربي,مطلقة,أرملة…الخ انتي انسانة حرة الك شخصية و كيان ما حدا عندو الصلاحية انو يهز هيدا الكيان يلي بجيب أجيال و سهر الليل حتى تربي و تكبر و بالاخر بتطلع غلطانة لأنو زوجها طلع عبالها يخونها او يشك فيها فبيقتلها و بيمشي بجنازتها… صار لازم نعلي الصوت كرمال العدل و يبطل في زواج مبكر و لا شرايم شرف

بيومك العالمي بقلك..ما تكوني اجر كرسي ولا بو زهور منسية بعواصف الشتا و تكوني الضحية و تسكتي و لكن..احكي عن المجرم و علي صوت..ما تكوني طاولة مغبرة صرلها سنين مش منضفة لأنو أهل البيت مش موجودين..ما تكوني السكوت يلي بيسكن قلبك كرمال الولاد و العيلة و البيت… و تكوني اجر كرسي بل قعادي عليها و طالبي بالمساواة بينك و بين الجنس الأخر ..لأنو صار وقتها


Illogical things that Saudi women are banned from doing.

The restricted list for women in Saudi Arabia is updated after a woman visited a Starbucks coffee shop in Riyadh. A sign was placed on the shop’s store that said: “No entry for ladies here, kindly send your driver or husband to order. Thank you.” Women claimed that they are not allowed to enter any branch of Starbucks in Riyadh by themselves.

A non- Saudi woman who took a picture of the paper that was placed on the coffee shop’s door; claimed that she was not allowed to enter for an espresso because she is a woman and the waiter asked her to send a man instead. Therefore, men and women are separated in almost all public places and stores, while the Saudi religious police make sure that such laws are enforced on the public. “Unlawful mixing between sexes leads to the arrest of the violators and criminal charges,” political scientist Elham Manea writes for Deutche Welle.

Although women’s rights in this country have extended last year, that allowed women to vote for the first time but their actions are still investigated and restricted from the government. Women have been elected councils in Saudi Arabia for the first time that was held on a Saturday. At least 18 women from very different parts of the country have been elected, according to Al Jazeera statistics. The elections were the first time women were actually allowed to stand for a vote, after a ban that was made by King Abdullah shortly before his death last year. Officials mentioned that about 130,000 women had registered to vote in what was only the third time Saudis of either gender have gone to the polls in the country’s history. In a country where a woman cannot even open a bank account without her husband’s permission or any male member from the family, here are other things that women are restricted from doing:

  1. Going anywhere without a chaperon: Saudi women must be accompanied with a male guardian which is also known as a mahram at any time they leave the house. The male guardian is usually a male relative who will accompany women on all of their trips, including shopping, visits to the doctor and visits to her parents. Such practices and restrictions are held in “conservative traditions and religious views that freezes the freedom of movement for women and which would make them vulnerable to sins,” according to The Guardian. In an extreme case, a ten age girl reported that she had been raped; but because she was not with a mahram when the incident happened, she was punished by the court by giving her more lashes than the rapist received. The government also announced that it considered lifting more restrictions on women which might allow women to travel without an approval of male relatives, but the human rights groups warned that thisnic6208655 move might be vetoed by the senior clerics.
  1. Driving a car: No official law that bans women from driving but is deeply held as religious beliefs prohibit it where Saudi clerics undermine social values. In 2011, groups of Saudi women organized “Women2Drive” campaign which encouraged women to step on the law and posted images of themselves driving on the social media to raise awareness of the attempt to change the laws that are raised against women and make a change for them; unfortunately, this attempt ended in a major fail. Later, Saudi a journalist wrote to Arab News that women can be allowed to drive in only two cases, if they had to take the children to school or visit a sick member in the hospital. He also added: “Women should accept simple things. This is a wise thing that women can do in this stage and they must not be stubborn.”

3. Wearing clothes or make-up that show off their beauty: The dress code is governed with a strict interpretation by the Islamic Law and is enforced on various decrees in the countries. The majority of the women are forced to wear abaya which is a long black cloak and a had scarf. Therefore, the face does not have to be covered, but this does not stop the religious police from harassing women for exposing too much flesh or wearing a lot of make up. This dress code was extended to all female television presenters earlier this year. The King had an advisory body that ruled women and should wear modest clothes that do not show off their beauty.

4. Interaction with men: Women are required to limit the amount of hours spent with non-related males. Most of the majority of public buildings, including offices, banks and universities have seperate entrances for women and men. Also, public transportation, parks and amusement parks are segregated in almost all parts of the country. Unlawful gender mixing leads to criminal charges against both sexes, but women face harsher punishments.

5. Swimming: A Reuters correspondent descried her experience when0164FF6400000514-2931033-image-a-8_1422524539662 trying to use the gym and the swimming pool at a hotel in Riyadh. She said: “I was not allowed to look when men were in their swimsuits,” a hotel staffer told her with fear.

6.Sports competitions: Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia hosted Olympic Games without women because when Saudi athletes were sent to London for the first time, the hard line clerics denounced women as “prostitutes”. When they were allowed to compete, they had to be accompanied with a male guardian and wear a Sharia compliant sports kit that covered their hair.

7.Trying on clothes in shops: the thought of undressed women behind dressing rooms is too much for Saudi men to handle.

Other unusual restrictions:

Buying a barbie.b1

Entering a cemetery.

Reading uncensored magazines.

However, everything in Saudi Arabia operates on a sliding scale, which depends on who you are, who you know, who you ask, who you with and where you are. But things are slowly starting to modernize in a country which historically had the most repressive attitudes towards women.