Society claims that homosexuality is a disease.

After reading several articles online and after watching yesterday’s episode of Lel-Nasher by Rima Karaki; I have decided to look for the real information and facts about the great taboo of homosexuality.

An article was published in year 2015 or so by Thaqafnafsak blog online; I was shocked to read very bizarre and made up facts about homosexuality. In which, the writer claimed that homosexuality is a disease and the patient must face severe help because this might cause troubles in the society and for the gay person him/herself. Also, it was claimed that science proved that there is a gay gene that causes a person to become the person they’ve become. The link is attached here: 

The writer also claims the following:

  1. Homosexuality is NOT a personal choice; because if the person was a teen or an adult, they both have biological and/or psychological issues (seriously?). Also, it was claimed that the gay person can actually get rid of this disease by specific therapies.
  2. Homosexuality is a mental disorder; because (according to the writer’s beliefs), there is a gene called “hypothalamus” in the brain, which is responsible of spreading the hormones of abnormal and gay genes. When in reality, the hypothalamus is a section in the brain that is responsible of the body’s essential hormones. It has a physiological function which is to govern temperature regulation, thirst, hunger, sleep, mood, sex drive and other body functions. It DOES help the human’s sex drive but is NOT an abnormal gene.
  3. Homosexuals might be born “like that”; here, the writer claims that homosexuality comes by BIRTH because of biological troubles such irrational hormones or social, family and friends displacements. WHAT?
  4. Some animals like lions, penguins, dolphins can be gay; this is very true but what does the human social factors have to do with that?
  5. Chromosomes of a gay person; the writer claims that there is a gay chromosome which triggers the feelings of affection to the same gender. In reality, no study have yet showed that this is true!
  6. A gay person CAN change. The writer strongly agrees that gays CAN change because the reason of their homosexuality are abnormal hormones or dysfunction between family and friends. My question here is, why do you wan to “change” a homosexual person? And, how do you know that they are unhappy with themselves?
  7. Homosexuals ALWAYS suffer from biological and psychological diseases. How do you know? We all suffer from certain biological and/or psychological issues.
  8. Homosexual mother/father are horrible parents; because as the writer decides, that “such” parents are unhealthy to the society. Well, it was scientifically proven that pollution, war, AIDS, HIV and traffic jams are unhealthy to the society!
  9. The APPEARANCE of a gay person. This is so bizarre to read, but the writer claims again that the physical appearance of a homosexual who wears too much make up, jewelry makes the homosexual look gay. Also, the writer decided that, “such” appearances are unacceptable to the societies and is an insult to religions and against the society rules.


Lastly, the writer ended the post by “a person who SUFFERS from homosexuality is a really troubled person because he/she loses the happiness of a family existence and they must seek help.” Really?

Well, I personally find this post bizarre and noneducational. It only attacks homosexuals because the writer invented personal facts because homophobia. I also believe that homosexuality IS a personal choice; just like choosing a burger over a pizza. And, a study from APA (American Psychological Association) clearly showed that homosexuality is NOT a disease.

This must be a wake up call to all the upcoming generations and all the people around the world.



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