Why 21.03.2016?

21.03 is well known to be a Mothers’ Day worldwide and is celebrated annually between children and their mothers; it is a historical celebration that is traced back to the ancient Greeks and ancient Romans, who used to hold celebrations in honor of mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele, which then became Mothering Celebrations.

It was first organized by Anna Jarvis who never got married and never had any child of her own but she was a great inspiration to organize it in 1908. On May 10, families gathered events in Jarvis’s hometown, West Virginia.

History_History_of_Mothers_Day_SF_still_624x352.jpgAnna Jarvis’s idea of an intimate Mother’s Day quickly became a commercial gold mine centering on the buying and giving of flowers, candies, and greeting cards—a development that deeply disturbed Jarvis. She set about dedicating herself and her sizable inheritance to returning Mother’s Day to its reverent roots. Jarvis incorporated herself as the Mother’s Day International Association and tried to retain some control of the holiday. She organized boycotts, threatened lawsuits, and even attacked First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt for using Mother’s Day to raise funds for charities.

Today, of course, Mother’s Day continues to roll on as an engine of consumerism.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend an average of $162.94 on mom this year, down from a survey high of $168.94 last year. Total spending is expected to reach $19.9 billion.

The holiday Anna Jarvis launched has spread around much of the world, though it’s celebrated with varying enthusiasm, in various ways, and on various days—though more often than not on the second Sunday in May.

In much of the Arab world, Mother’s Day is on March 21, which happens to loosely coincide with the start of spring.

Last but not least … Happy mothers day!



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