Bokoharam; who are they?

It was founded that Bokoharam came to be known from the Salafist sector as “Boko Haram”, which are based on their own understanding and teachings made. The accepted term of translation for the name is “Western education is forbidden”, though it can have a wider meaning since boko means Western fraud. This group wanted to be known by the phrase which translates people committed to the Prophet’s Teachings for Propagation and Jihad.

This group began to emerge since 2003; where a collection of light minded Islamists made a treat to have control on the remote area of Kanamma, where they clashed with the authorities.


An extreme Islamist, young and charismatic preacher called Mohammed Yusuf had strict interpretations on the Qur’an who also believed that the creation of Nigeria by British colonialists imposed a Western and un-islamic way of life to Muslims. It is still unclear if Yusuf played a role in the violence of 2003 and 2004; but he later denied it by saying that young youths studied the Qu’ran with him.

In 2009, authorities known as Operation Flush II in Maiduguri confessed that Yusuf’s followers wounded 17 Boko Haram members, which later made Yusuf to denounce the security forces and called his followers to rise against them. In a very violent campaign, which stayed for over 5 days, they attacked police stations and used gun battles before the military broke down. Eventually, Yusuf was captured by soldiers and was handed to the police who chose to shoot him dead.

Later, Boko Haram went underground for more than a year after the emerging in 2010 with a strict raid on prisons. Abubakar Shekau, who is Yusuf’s deputy; was claimed by the police that he was killed in the 2009 uprising, and videos began to appear in the group’s new leader. The violent attacks gradually grew more deadly, particularly by the use of the explosives. A suicide attacker rammed a car bomb into the UN headquarters in the capital of Abuja in 2011 which killed 23 people in the most high profiles in several incidents. Those violence attacks became frequent in many parts of Nigeria.


In 2013, Boko Haram targeted pupils in schools with serious and awful school attacks in the northeast which killed many boys and girls. Later, the group reported that they are kidnapping women and girls with the rude intention of raping them or making them brides. Later in 2014, attackers practiced invasion in northeast Nigeria and kidnapped 276 school girls, who were between 16 and 18 years old; 219 went missing. Later, Shekau claimed credit for the kidnappings in a video and chose to threaten them in videos and sell them.

Last but not least, it can be best thought of Boko Haram as an umbrella with true organizations which were on the very top; for such reasons, it is difficult or even impossible to mention how many followers Boko Haram owns. It is not clear how much of insecurity is driven by Shekau or if he is still alive, when the military claimed that he might have been killed. Someone who looks and speaks like Shekau appeared in videos showing that the violence is getting worse.



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