Saudi Arabia welcomed 2016 by execution.

Saudi Arabia executed 47 people for terrorism acts in one day; which included the Shia’a cleric Sheikh Nimr al- Nimr.  Most of the individuals who were executed are Sunnis because they were previously convicted in 2003 and 2004 deadly attacks of al- Qaeda which killed many Saudis and foreigners.

Sheikh Nimr al – Nimr.

Therefore, the ministry statement published on the news agency, that the 47 that were convicted were adopting the takfiri theory, joining terrorist organization and planting various implementation of criminal plots.

Al- Nimr was a supporter of the anti-government protests that were held up in the Kingdom, where the Shi’aa majority complained marginalization.  Therefore, Iran previously warned the Kingdom that the execution of al- Nimr will cost the country badly.

According to the individuals who monitor the death penalty around the world, confessed that Saudi Arabia executed 157 people during 2015 only, and that was the highest level reached in two decades for the country.

Last but not least, which toxic level did freedom of speech get to? Are there absolute? Is torture and beheading fine because it is their country? Is killing gays okay because the women are repressed? If this view was in what is done, is it possible to build a wall and ignore what is happening behind it? What can be said to a woman looking for asylum because she will be stoned because she got raped? What can one explain to gays who will face death because they dared to fall in love? Why must people think that they must abide by the laws in the country?

Was killing for freedom of speech mentioned in the Quran?  It is about the big question, isn’t it?

Rules and laws were made to be broken anyways.


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