Worst Lebanese public figures – part 2.

This post is a continuation for my previous post and this too, includes no rating.

Worst Lebanese public figures:

  1. Antoine Chaktoura: head of Dekwaneh municipality who attacked a gay friendly night club.


2. Mansour Labaki: a Maronite priest and a sexual harasser during break time.


3. Chafik Marhi: The General Director of Customs for giving orders to beat journalists in the middle of the road.


4. Nadim Koteich: for being over sarcastic in his show “DNA” and for ya shabeb w ya sabaya yala yala 3al saraya.


5. Michel Elefteriades: for being an extreme racist against Syrian refugees on social media.


6. Nicolas Fattoush: for punching a female office worker after she refused to prioritize his file at Baabda Judaical Palace. Even the Daily Star news talked about him!



7. Ahmed Al Assir: for having a very strange popularity on terrorism and failing to travel with a mask.


8. Saad El Hariri: for the inability to speak properly in public and on television.



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