Worst public Lebanese figues.

Today I decided to make my own list of worst and best public Lebanese figures without rating:

Worst Lebanese public figures:

1. Adel Karam: for the homophobia he has, the bizarre program “hayda hake”, sexist jokes and for attacking the old man who gave in the ministry exams.


2. Tony Khalife: for everything he does and the fake documents he embarrassed himself with by publishing it.


3. Mario Bassil: the Minister of lame, racist and sexist jokes and for the “Khalees khalees” song and for Marioka.


4. Hicham Haddad: for all the racist jokes he throws around on television.


5. Myriam Klink: for the over rated pictures, animal love and under estimated songs and videos.



6. George el Rassi and Joelle Hatem: for making the wold interfere in their love and family life.


7. General Micheal Aoun: for being too self confident, anger management lessons are needed and for being very rude when speaking publicly.


8. Marwan Charbel: for being wrong in everything.


This draft is made as a personal opinion, I do not mean to attack any of the above figures.





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