Best Lebanese public figures.

This post is the complete opposite of my previous two posts. Here, I chose the best Lebanese public figures as my personal opinion. Also, there is no specific ratings.

Best Lebanese public figures:

  1. Joyce Akiki: a courageous TV reporter at MTV and has a radio talk show on Fame Fm “Bi sifatak meen?”. I find Joyce a very unique, naughty person and a very strong reporter who loves her job dearly because she does it from her heart. images


2. Ziad Baroud: is the only Lebanese politician who I can say “hats off” for, because he left for being honest and did not take sides with any other politician.


3. Marcel Ghanem: a TV personality who has an amazing laugh, obsessed about wearing expensive watches and I enjoy watching his program because it does not take any specific side of any of the individuals who choose to have a political talk with.


4. Diana Fakhoury: news reporter at MTV who literally pours feelings when telling the news; either it was positive or negative. Personally, I always say “Hope its Diana presenting the news.”


5. Joe Maalouf: was known for “Enta horr” which closed but he continued his revolution in “Hki Jelis”. Joe is someone who says things as they are without any pepper on top which makes him a special and unique TV personality. I find Joe as someone who still believes in a country like Lebanon and is ready to change it at any time.


6. Joumana Haddad: for killing Scheherazade, making superman an Arab and giving lessons to become the third sex. Joumana is one of my favorite writers; who I personally look up to and would choose her for Presidency. I think Joumana is a very angry feminist and an extreme atheist; and I think she reincarnated Anna Maria Lenngren, by writings, free thoughts and angry messages.


7. Nemr Abou Nassar: is someone I can call “real comedy”; he is someone who studied Business as a major but still chose to be a REAL comedian. I think Nemr fell from space with an ability to make Arabs laugh.


8. Nadine Labaki: my best Lebanese actress who reminds me of Evanescence (don’t ask me why).


9. Hasan Narallah: I respect him as a person which does not mean I belong to any specific party; Hasan Nasrallah is someone who inspires me in his public speeches and I like the sarcastic jokes he draws between the lines.


Last but not least, this post does not include any ratings because I do not have the right to rate any person; therefore, the political figures are my own inspirations and I do NOT belong to any political party or even clap for any.



Worst Lebanese public figures – part 2.

This post is a continuation for my previous post and this too, includes no rating.

Worst Lebanese public figures:

  1. Antoine Chaktoura: head of Dekwaneh municipality who attacked a gay friendly night club.


2. Mansour Labaki: a Maronite priest and a sexual harasser during break time.


3. Chafik Marhi: The General Director of Customs for giving orders to beat journalists in the middle of the road.


4. Nadim Koteich: for being over sarcastic in his show “DNA” and for ya shabeb w ya sabaya yala yala 3al saraya.


5. Michel Elefteriades: for being an extreme racist against Syrian refugees on social media.


6. Nicolas Fattoush: for punching a female office worker after she refused to prioritize his file at Baabda Judaical Palace. Even the Daily Star news talked about him!


7. Ahmed Al Assir: for having a very strange popularity on terrorism and failing to travel with a mask.


8. Saad El Hariri: for the inability to speak properly in public and on television.


Worst public Lebanese figues.

Today I decided to make my own list of worst and best public Lebanese figures without rating:

Worst Lebanese public figures:

1. Adel Karam: for the homophobia he has, the bizarre program “hayda hake”, sexist jokes and for attacking the old man who gave in the ministry exams.


2. Tony Khalife: for everything he does and the fake documents he embarrassed himself with by publishing it.


3. Mario Bassil: the Minister of lame, racist and sexist jokes and for the “Khalees khalees” song and for Marioka.


4. Hicham Haddad: for all the racist jokes he throws around on television.


5. Myriam Klink: for the over rated pictures, animal love and under estimated songs and videos.



6. George el Rassi and Joelle Hatem: for making the wold interfere in their love and family life.


7. General Micheal Aoun: for being too self confident, anger management lessons are needed and for being very rude when speaking publicly.


8. Marwan Charbel: for being wrong in everything.


This draft is made as a personal opinion, I do not mean to attack any of the above figures.