Beirut was running this morning.

I heard a lot about the Beirut Marathon for the past few days; until I woke up today to watch the marathon on LBCI that was airing it live. Participants wore colorful tops for identification and were all ready at 6:00 in the morning on a Sunday! Car parking were available in various places and participants were transferred from the parking to the gathering point. The race started next to the Armenian Cathedral and finished in Downtown, in Shwaki street next to Starco building.

The marathon was well organized and promoted wellness, challenging experiences, achievement and glory.

There were people from different nationalities and runners from many different countries and it was made for everyone.

The objectivity of this marathon that happens every year, is to lift the sports spirit, encourage a healthy living, promoting Lebanon as an international tourism attraction and enabling charitable organizations that benefit from such events.

It was amazing to see lively spirits running for a cause; which made me have a little bit of light that this country still has a potential of improvement.

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