The real garbage.

Basically after all those big jokes and people posting pictures on social media how garbage is everywhere, people demonstrated for garbage, walking around to see garbage and getting stuck in traffic because of garbage. Personally, I came to a fine conclusion; that Lebanon is a worthless country. I do not need to explain why, how or what.


1. When a country is too lazy to choose a person for presidency, I call that irresponsibility.

2. When one of the Lebanese presidents gives up on his duties because he is out of ideas or solutions to this country, I call that stupidity.

3. When a young boy asks me who do I follow or which Lebanese color do I prefer, I do not know what to call that.

4. When the parliament guys meet up on Wednesdays to curse each other, while half of them are busy playing candy crush, checking out his/her selfies they took the week before in Paris; I call that pathetic.

5. You go up on TV stations, talking about recycling; that is a great idea, but do you even know the procedure of recycling? It is not only about putting garbage in colored bags! How are you supposed to teach a community about recycling, while that community still criticizes the neighbor’s religion, name and hair do.

6. Finally, when a country does know what to do with its garbage because they did not re-sign the contract with Sukleen and other people decided to shut the Nehme square; because they are suffocating. But you were talking about this issue ONE YEAR AGO. A proper country that respects and cares about its country, could have taken proper decisions since the minute they knew that all this shit is going to happen; and not allowing people to drown in garbage.

Sadly, the poor Lebanese is always the one who gets smacked in the face while the presidents are sitting on their own garbage, thinking that they do not poop any garbage.

We are not the first country that goes through garbage crisis; I was reading an article that other day, Ireland got tired of having garbage UNDERGROUND because the place they are throwing all the garbage is full. Although, this respectful country is actually making use of garbage and turning it into some natural energy.

Come on; demonstrations, posting pictures on social media and sending jokes on WhatssApp will NOT clean up your shitty street. We need action.


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