Hani Ramzi’s prank is a joke itself.

For the past week or so; I have been “forced” to watch Hoboot Etrrari or Emergency Landing (because for some reason, people find it very funny to laugh at actors, football players getting scared) by Hani Ramzi that is airing on MTV Lebanon and Al-Hayat TV at 6:00pm and 10:00. But lately I decided to see some re-runs online and read some articles about this program. hani ramzi

After watching the re-runs of some episodes, I did not find any point or good reason to prank someone in the airplane and the program itself is an act out. Personally, I can not find the logic in someone nearly dying and then: “Oh, it was just a prank. I am sorry.” And, some of the people who nearly died; just hug Hani and pretend to hit him in a friendly way.

Let me start off with the episode that gave me many questions to ask Hani and Edward.

In the first picture, the so-called prank started, but the curtain is stuck in place, the girl doesn’t look scared and her hair is still in place and the guy at the back, can someone tell him that the plane is tilted at some angle?

The plane is tilted, why is the curtain still in place? Even the girl's hair did not move!
The plane is tilted, why is the curtain still in place? Even the girl’s hair did not move!

The next two pictures are very obvious or Hani Ramzi wanted to make it very obvious but Edward did not have his glasses on.

In my own humble opinion, I just think that this program is a fail. Why would you pretend to prank people anyways and act it out too? PLUS, those two maintenance guys who yell at each other that there’s something wrong in the engine and the guest hears them but insist on having the ride. Any person with a healthy brain will just leave from the first place.

Also, it was very obvious that the guests until now say the same things if you watch the re-runs carefully.

There is something confusing and fishy in the episodes.

Camera, again!

Isn't the camera WAY too obvious?
Isn’t the camera WAY too obvious?