Something I had to share- “Fe Wasta?”

I was having a conversation with a friend today and we started sharing our future plans. When this girl started telling me about herself and what is she thinking for her future, it seemed very clear to me when she was talking that there is great standards behind her. Because when she told me that her major has limited jobs in this country; and finding one needs pressure and waiting for a long period of time; I automatically asked her “Fe wasta?” because the place that she was planning to work in, is believed to be in need of big heads for someone to get employed in.

She answered with “Of course, a family relative is a great friend with *Mr. X* and can talk to *this and that delegate* to get me the job.” But the sad thing is, she was not getting employed in that specific job FOREVER; but for three to four months only, in order to gain experience; because the company she was working in before only provides employees with $800 and never increases the salaries until six months time.

I came to a conclusion that nothing works without bribery in Lebanon; because when I automatically asked the girl “Fe wasta?” without even thinking about it, I found it that it is in us and Wasta is living everywhere. But personally, I won’t accept bribing a person whoever he/she is to get me a job. I mean it won’t seem like my job anymore and I would feel controlled all the time.

In conclusion, I do think that we are still in ancient times about such topics; because if you look around and ask people; most of them will be thanking Mr X and Mr Y for the job; it is like we are afraid of doing anything wrong while working or the job will vanish away.


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