Where shall I start from?

For the past few days, the social media has been fueled with anger about the Lebanese Comedian Adel Karam who decided to make a big joke out of a 63-old man-Abdullah Taleb who presented his brevet exams. Thinking his comedy show Hayda Haki will get more viewers and people will laugh their heads off; but sadly, how ignorant Adel was? That joke was not even funny for most Lebanese individuals who were watching the show. Well, maybe; as many Lebanese people decided to fire it up on Facebook and Twitter; sending Adel angry comments about his pathetic joke. Sadly, Adel had a “twitter blocking machine” which started to block people off his twitter account after posting an apology tweet to Abdullah. Personally, I did not care because I was blocked, but the point is; I do not think Abdullah has a twitter account to read the apology and decide what to do with Adel.

Not forgetting that, Adel Karam always uses women as a joke on the show. I mean, why? Most of the jokes that he presents are about a woman’s breast size, women’s thighs or body, sex (all the time), colored people, and sexual jokes. Nobody is stupid, you know. I do not think women or older people are a big joke for a person to become a better comedian. Adel will be presenting a stand up comedy show; I guess the number of people who will sit and listen to the jokes will change their minds.

Adel Karam, if you will ever read this: I understand that you are a big womanizer; but keep that to yourself. Women are not comedy to joke about because you could not have been here if you were not born from a woman’s womb; while elder people must be respected because you won’t stay young and pathetic, you will get old too!

On the other hand, a pathetic issue has been irritating me for the past few days about Tony Khalife and Hayat Mirshad. 

Hayat Mirshad is a Feminist, Reporter at Lel-Nasher, Al-jadeed TV, Anchor and Producer at VOP and co-founder of FEMALE. hayat female tony_khalifa

The issue started off when Hayat Mirshad posted something on her Facebook account about women’s rights and a man who is abusing his wife which detested Tony Khalife because the man who was abusing his wife asked for bribery to make the journalists from different TV programs stop talking about it.

From previous episodes of 1544, Tony Khalife was sharing confusing news that NGO’s that protect women against violence (ABAAD, KAFA etc…) are not doing their job. (Why did they exist then?) And something wrong is happening behind the scenes of those NGOs.

Because Tony Khalife disliked Hayat Mirshad’s Facebook post; he decided to share it with the cyber crime office. What was Hayat’s crime? She was bribed to post such things on Facebook and she is a new electronic criminal!

How can a so-called “journalist” confess in a program that he presents for women who are facing violence, not to tell the NGO’s? How do you know that those NGOs are not doing their proper job? Why didn’t you show up your evidence to support what you said, at least?  How could you say that, seriously?

I am not attacking Tony as a person; but I am pointing out the wrong act that he did. Asking Hayat Mirshad (who ended up not being a journalist, by the way! -after 6-7 years of experience; Hayat is not a journalist anymore) to go the cyber crime office because freedom of speech is a very wrong thing to do. You could have solved the issue with Hayat herself; because DEEP down you know you did a mistake; or maybe not.

Freedom of speech is human right, you violated that right under I don’t know what right you have. I don’t have to tell you that, you’re a journalist,right? I don’t think any woman living in violence every day would agree with you! Kindly think again.

We all dream of a new country where hate does not exist, but when a person who blurts out the truth is punished, what kind of country do we expect?


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