Armenian Genocide- Personal opinion.

It has been 100 years now, that Armenians protesting for justice

it happened 100 years ago and you are still marching for something that happened because equality and justice did not exist YET.

I was raised to understand that Turkey is the worst country on this planet; but as I started meeting Turks, I found that thy are good and nice people; I find no point in Armenians fasting and banning Turkish products from their homes.

Well, I do understand your pain and sorrow but as a Lebanese; we went through worse genocides and more than 1.5 million human beings were killed, slaughtered, raped and thrown off rivers.

Also, why do you have keep going back in history every time 24-April kicks in to your calendar, while you have 4 million Armenians living peacefully in Turkey and having Turkish breakfast, lunch and dinner? You also have signed up trades between both countries; you can not deny that, you know. So, basically how do you Turkey to acknowledge the genocide when all the peace is going on between both? It is illogical.

Maybe you have two solutions:

1. Fully Count between both countries and all those Armenians living in Turkey can just choose somewhere else to live.

2. Choose peace and forget the past, because if the Turkish governments decided to confess; they should have done many years ago and you should not have waited a 100 years for an apology.


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