The 10 Most Internet Breaking ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoilers

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This isn’t a Cracked Photoplasty competition with a bunch of joke entries. These are 100% real Game of Thrones spoilers derived from what happens in the ‘Feast For Crows’ and ‘Dance With Dragons’ books. The show is likely to deviate from the books in some ways, but these are major plot points.

So why am I doing this? Everyone is talking about the show this week and many are speculating about what’s ahead. As one of those tiresome sorts who have read the book I have to bit my tongue. I’m getting it off my chest today. There are spoilers ahead. Big ones. Read at your own risk.





Seriously. Spoilers.




10. Tyrion Joins a Travelling Circus

I SWEAR this isn’t a joke article. These are real spoilers. Even though he’s jumped the pond to Essos Tyrion must continue to lie low, and to…

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