Noticing Small Details by Kimberly Willis Holt

Nerdy Book Club

Sometimes when I sign one of my books, I’ll write, See the things that others don’tsee. Observation is an important tool for writers, especially when you notice the small things. I suppose I learned that skill from my mother. She’s a natural observer. Throughout my childhood, I remember her noticing a detail about someone and tagging that detail with something she imagined may have happened to them.

Small details can make an impact on big events. Let’s say a child drowns in their family swimming pool. That is a very big event.  The paramedics show up and pull the child out of the water. If you were writing that, it would be a guaranteed emotional scene, but the little details attached to it will claw at your heart.

Look closely as the child is removed from the water. His arm dangles like a ragdoll’s. Look at what is…

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