It’s Hitchen’s day.


Today, I decided to break a rule to clarify a point to people’s minds. I want to write about atheism and why is it such a dangerous word and why is it a “bad” thing to be an atheist. I want to make things clear here, a free person who has a free mind, who is living in a free world, has the right to choose whoever they want to be. Why would you want to oblige me in to your religion when I am not talking to you about who I am because you are too broad-minded? Why would you confess that your religion is the right one and others are wrong? How do you know? How do you know that the so-called god is sitting in the sky? Well, people traveled to space and I travel every now and then; no one ever saw anything up there. I mean come on, think about it. Go back in history for one minute. All those religious books are man made, seriously. In mu humble opinion, all those zillion religions on this planet; I do not believe in any. Did I just offend you?

Let’s take Islam, since I negotiated with a muslim friend once about this topic and my stomach ached from laughter. She asked me: “How was this world created?”. Seriously, does this need religion to be explained? Personally, I do not care how this world was created, all I care about are my opinions to be respected. And I repeat, you can not oblige me in to any religion if I am not convinced.

That other day, we were having conversations going on in class; and on of my colleagues mentioned that what kind of god makes you live in heaven forever; if you were a good person, satisfactions of heaven is deadly cool. While if you were a horrible one, you will boil in hell? What in the world is this? Lets pretend I was such a slut in life, and ended up in hell. Won’t my skin just vanish away because of too much fire or because over-boiling in water? Lets take it the other way around, I was such an amazing priest and mother Teresa and ended up in heaven. Don’t you get bored of too much happiness in there? Well, I would. I mean, I prefer living “hell” and “heaven” when I am ALIVE not when I am DEAD and I can’t bare myself living in a place with too much happiness in it or too much evil, so hold your horses.

Since I took Islam as an example, I shall go on with it because it is the most religion that irritates me to the nerve -with my extreme respect to it- living and studying in an Islamic country was pain in the neck. Being forced to study “Islamic Studies” gave me endless migraine. I clearly remember when my Islamic Studies teacher asked me:

“When will you ever wear a veil? Allah will be mad at you.” -pointing to the sky-

“Is my hair so cool that it irritates the dude up there?” was my answer -looking at the sky, confused-

Believe it or not, I was kicked out of school for one whole week because of that sentence. Seriously, why do you wear a veil? Do not tell me that a women’s hair is the most attractive part of her body! GIVE ME A BREAK YOUNG LADY. What about the big, wide hole between your thighs? The big basket balls between your arms that every man is seduced to? What about the shiny, waxed and tanned legs? Shall I go on? Please, shut that red lipstick and listen with your diamond earrings.

One day, just one day, I will fart in someone’s face and that will be god; if “he” ever showed up.


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