The book and its cover.

The phrase “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is usually applied to books and people. The first thought about looking at a book person is thinking that it is just too thick and boring, too thin, too much details or the title is very heavy that the reader is not interested in. The same is applied to music, trips and I will go in more details about -people-. I want to write about a very special person who I know, well now, whom I will call the book herself. But a fancy book, with a nameless cover.

She has the type of personality that can walk in a room without saying a word, and walk out of it with pockets full of notes, words, e-mails and phone numbers. Everybody wants to know who she really is. She never agrees on wrong opinions and says what is on her mind without fear. She will not say anything bad to anyone but she is attacked for who she is. Somewhere in her life, she was told that she will find a great family in church but ended up choosing logic over the priest.

She is such a book worm that whenever you lose her, you will sure find her drowning in a stack of books that are sometimes not suitable for her age. She is a mother of two -and many children around the world- my second mother as well. She wrote “Superman is an Arab” and decided to get rid off Scheherazade in “I killed Scheherazade”.

Poet, author, translator, journalist, secular, atheist, women and LGBT rights activist. Was selected as one of the world’s 100 most powerful Arab women in March 2014 by CEO Magazine, university professor, speaks seven languages, born on December 6 1970; which makes her a Sagittarius. Impatient, sensitive at times, frank and looking for truths in the world.

Has the ability to diffuse you into words and letters in less than one-nano-second. She is well known for her cigar smoking, red converse, travelling and of course, her black curly hair. She is the opening and closing book. She is my idol. She is Joumana Haddad,


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