When I learned.

When I learned..


Armenian Genocide- Personal opinion.

It has been 100 years now, that Armenians protesting for justice

it happened 100 years ago and you are still marching for something that happened because equality and justice did not exist YET.

I was raised to understand that Turkey is the worst country on this planet; but as I started meeting Turks, I found that thy are good and nice people; I find no point in Armenians fasting and banning Turkish products from their homes.

Well, I do understand your pain and sorrow but as a Lebanese; we went through worse genocides and more than 1.5 million human beings were killed, slaughtered, raped and thrown off rivers.

Also, why do you have keep going back in history every time 24-April kicks in to your calendar, while you have 4 million Armenians living peacefully in Turkey and having Turkish breakfast, lunch and dinner? You also have signed up trades between both countries; you can not deny that, you know. So, basically how do you Turkey to acknowledge the genocide when all the peace is going on between both? It is illogical.

Maybe you have two solutions:

1. Fully Count between both countries and all those Armenians living in Turkey can just choose somewhere else to live.

2. Choose peace and forget the past, because if the Turkish governments decided to confess; they should have done many years ago and you should not have waited a 100 years for an apology.

Hitler’s Mustache

fiction much?


Denise hadn’t even been at Maize High three months when the rumors began. I was in a mandatory physical education class, second period, the first time I saw her. She was in the class right after mine and we brushed shoulders in the hallway a few times. She was pretty enough, I’d say, with long wood-burnt hair down her back in waves and an olive complexion like a Greek. She was in the middle ground on fashion which told me all I needed to know about her life at home. I was in the same boat myself. My parents never could afford to make me a popular walkabout with their conservative clothing purchases. It’s like my dad used to say, You take what you can get. Then later, when you’re all grown-up, you’ll thank god you didn’t have enough.

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The 10 Most Internet Breaking ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoilers

Funk's House of Geekery

This isn’t a Cracked Photoplasty competition with a bunch of joke entries. These are 100% real Game of Thrones spoilers derived from what happens in the ‘Feast For Crows’ and ‘Dance With Dragons’ books. The show is likely to deviate from the books in some ways, but these are major plot points.

So why am I doing this? Everyone is talking about the show this week and many are speculating about what’s ahead. As one of those tiresome sorts who have read the book I have to bit my tongue. I’m getting it off my chest today. There are spoilers ahead. Big ones. Read at your own risk.





Seriously. Spoilers.




10. Tyrion Joins a Travelling Circus

I SWEAR this isn’t a joke article. These are real spoilers. Even though he’s jumped the pond to Essos Tyrion must continue to lie low, and to…

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Noticing Small Details by Kimberly Willis Holt

Nerdy Book Club

Sometimes when I sign one of my books, I’ll write, See the things that others don’tsee. Observation is an important tool for writers, especially when you notice the small things. I suppose I learned that skill from my mother. She’s a natural observer. Throughout my childhood, I remember her noticing a detail about someone and tagging that detail with something she imagined may have happened to them.

Small details can make an impact on big events. Let’s say a child drowns in their family swimming pool. That is a very big event.  The paramedics show up and pull the child out of the water. If you were writing that, it would be a guaranteed emotional scene, but the little details attached to it will claw at your heart.

Look closely as the child is removed from the water. His arm dangles like a ragdoll’s. Look at what is…

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It’s Hitchen’s day.


Today, I decided to break a rule to clarify a point to people’s minds. I want to write about atheism and why is it such a dangerous word and why is it a “bad” thing to be an atheist. I want to make things clear here, a free person who has a free mind, who is living in a free world, has the right to choose whoever they want to be. Why would you want to oblige me in to your religion when I am not talking to you about who I am because you are too broad-minded? Why would you confess that your religion is the right one and others are wrong? How do you know? How do you know that the so-called god is sitting in the sky? Well, people traveled to space and I travel every now and then; no one ever saw anything up there. I mean come on, think about it. Go back in history for one minute. All those religious books are man made, seriously. In mu humble opinion, all those zillion religions on this planet; I do not believe in any. Did I just offend you?

Let’s take Islam, since I negotiated with a muslim friend once about this topic and my stomach ached from laughter. She asked me: “How was this world created?”. Seriously, does this need religion to be explained? Personally, I do not care how this world was created, all I care about are my opinions to be respected. And I repeat, you can not oblige me in to any religion if I am not convinced.

That other day, we were having conversations going on in class; and on of my colleagues mentioned that what kind of god makes you live in heaven forever; if you were a good person, satisfactions of heaven is deadly cool. While if you were a horrible one, you will boil in hell? What in the world is this? Lets pretend I was such a slut in life, and ended up in hell. Won’t my skin just vanish away because of too much fire or because over-boiling in water? Lets take it the other way around, I was such an amazing priest and mother Teresa and ended up in heaven. Don’t you get bored of too much happiness in there? Well, I would. I mean, I prefer living “hell” and “heaven” when I am ALIVE not when I am DEAD and I can’t bare myself living in a place with too much happiness in it or too much evil, so hold your horses.

Since I took Islam as an example, I shall go on with it because it is the most religion that irritates me to the nerve -with my extreme respect to it- living and studying in an Islamic country was pain in the neck. Being forced to study “Islamic Studies” gave me endless migraine. I clearly remember when my Islamic Studies teacher asked me:

“When will you ever wear a veil? Allah will be mad at you.” -pointing to the sky-

“Is my hair so cool that it irritates the dude up there?” was my answer -looking at the sky, confused-

Believe it or not, I was kicked out of school for one whole week because of that sentence. Seriously, why do you wear a veil? Do not tell me that a women’s hair is the most attractive part of her body! GIVE ME A BREAK YOUNG LADY. What about the big, wide hole between your thighs? The big basket balls between your arms that every man is seduced to? What about the shiny, waxed and tanned legs? Shall I go on? Please, shut that red lipstick and listen with your diamond earrings.

One day, just one day, I will fart in someone’s face and that will be god; if “he” ever showed up.

The book and its cover.

The phrase “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is usually applied to books and people. The first thought about looking at a book person is thinking that it is just too thick and boring, too thin, too much details or the title is very heavy that the reader is not interested in. The same is applied to music, trips and I will go in more details about -people-. I want to write about a very special person who I know, well now, whom I will call the book herself. But a fancy book, with a nameless cover.

She has the type of personality that can walk in a room without saying a word, and walk out of it with pockets full of notes, words, e-mails and phone numbers. Everybody wants to know who she really is. She never agrees on wrong opinions and says what is on her mind without fear. She will not say anything bad to anyone but she is attacked for who she is. Somewhere in her life, she was told that she will find a great family in church but ended up choosing logic over the priest.

She is such a book worm that whenever you lose her, you will sure find her drowning in a stack of books that are sometimes not suitable for her age. She is a mother of two -and many children around the world- my second mother as well. She wrote “Superman is an Arab” and decided to get rid off Scheherazade in “I killed Scheherazade”.

Poet, author, translator, journalist, secular, atheist, women and LGBT rights activist. Was selected as one of the world’s 100 most powerful Arab women in March 2014 by CEO Magazine, university professor, speaks seven languages, born on December 6 1970; which makes her a Sagittarius. Impatient, sensitive at times, frank and looking for truths in the world.

Has the ability to diffuse you into words and letters in less than one-nano-second. She is well known for her cigar smoking, red converse, travelling and of course, her black curly hair. She is the opening and closing book. She is my idol. She is Joumana Haddad,