Its a BIG shame.

When I look at the outside world, I find that this small sector of the planet that we call “The Arab World” is divided into hundreds and thousands of quarters; although we all speak the same language.

It is very sad that we have to wait for the Americans or the EU to indirectly to punch us in the face and to send us a shout out call, in order for us to recognize that one of our countries is in a bad crisis. 

It is very sad that when I read the news and find a non-Arab President trying to find a solution for our problems, wars and trying to make us a 1 WORLD; but, we are too stiff-headed and stubborn that we still blame them for our wars.

It is very sad that even China gossips about our pathetic stories. I remember when I moved away from my home country, I became home-sick from the first day I left. But, when I started hearing the comments; I literally hated my nationality and regretted that I had Arabic blood.

It is very sad that we give a horrible feedback of ourselves to other countries, that they give the right to themselves to make an enormous joke out of us, and we laugh at it with them!

We must cry,weep, sob and shed tears because we always pretend we are the best people on earth, but in reality every 1 minute of each day we are moving a 100 years backwards. 

We yell at each other for freedom,democracy and human rights. While, we are crashing all of these down. We kill each other because he married a Christian, while Christians are truly cracking up on us. 

We are able to travel the world, and we do. But, we come back and criticize the news for bringing in bad information. For the love of God, the journalists talk, write and report what they see in reality. Therefore, we are forcing ourselves not to believe it.

Palestine,Syria,Egypt,Iraq, and Lebanon. Since I opened my eyes to this world and started understanding what war is, the Arabic news is always busy talking about these countries. While, Arabs in general blame each other for everything for no good reason. 

It is very shameful that we have millions of oil and gold that if used properly, the non-Arabs will walk away and never stick their noses in our issues. 

It is very shameful that we see our children die and smash in to tons of pieces, and we stand there and weep, but don’t fight back.

It is very shameful that we allow Israel to change our country name.

It is very shameful that it is the 21st century and we are not reacting.

It is very shameful that we still post pictures of our politicians. What did they do ?! 

It is very shameful that we curse and criticize each other because one believes in Allah and the other believes in Jesus.

It is very shameful that we became shameful.


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