When I learned.

“I have always been a quiet child from the outside, and a naughty tamed one from the inside, screaming at my brother for a game because I can’t stand loss, obsessed with reading and rebellious to the banned. I never played with dolls and hated barbie and her friends to death. But I stole books from the library that do not suit my age and read them in secret and oh, how stupid was the librarian! She never noticed that books went missing from that dark corner.

That is when I learned about Female Genital Mutilation, child marriage, rape, prostitution and girls living under the bridge waiting for the perfect client, the shiny red car and the $100 bill to pick her up and use her. While he feeds his hungry, hypocrite and crazy orgasm.

That is when I learned that a part of a girl’s vagina is cut off when she is five or six years old because she does not deserve to live a proper sexual life with her future husband. No medications were used. No professional doctors did such a procedure. But the girl’s relatives using scissors and blades. A shocking story of a very well known top model in Egypt, faced FGM. But as she grew up; she ran away from her mad, drunk father and told the world about her story. It sickens me that we are in the 21st century, and many countries around the world still practice female genital mutilation against girls for pathetic and stupid reasons. Why is it legal for a man to have sex with tons of women and young girls while killing their sexual feelings? On the other hand, females who faced FGM died while having their vagina cut off because it was either being practiced wrong or the girl was too young to handle the pain. So, why to do it from the first place? You will tell me because she is a girl and she has to stay pure until her wedding day. Well, you have no legal right to do such a crime to make sure that your daughter will stay a “girl”. GIVE ME A BREAK.

That is when I learned that an old man can marry a young girl who still playing catch. Also, such a crime is practiced on both girls and boys. Statistics have shown that since 2014; child marriage is increasing in Pakistan, India, countries around Sudan and Somalia. Therefore, if we calculate (according to UNICEF statistics) of child marriage deceleration for the past decades of women married as children; the number will even increase by 10 times by 2050. In other words, girls and boys getting married under age will be 570 million in 2030 and 450 million by 2050. What kind of world are we living in? We are simply invading child innocence,

I also learned that rape is the girl’s fault. Rape is the girl’s fault? Can you hear yourself? How can rape be the girl’s fault? Do you mean that she rapes herself or what? I am using over dosage of sarcasm because personally, such cases causes butterflies in my stomach. Let me clarify my above sentence; since I come from a third world country, or even from another planet. I read, heard and saw many stories where it is always the girl’s mistake that she got raped and such ideas were actually buried in my head. For instance, a girl was raped, is not virgin anymore -obviously- which makes he father’s head buried in the garden’s soil, the family’s pride resting in peace and her brother legalizing her death. Where did the rapist do? He is asking for $100,000 to do a surgery for her to bring back her “purity” or he will marry her “as she is” to cover up the story. What story are you talking about, you moron? Couldn’t you just called up the police, hospital for the mentally ill or your favorite TV station? Instead of beating the hell out of the girl, covering it all up and being afraid of what will the neighbors say? We still need tons of centuries to become human beings since we still think that girls and women are just a pen that we can change whenever it runs out of ink.

I always end up having endless conversation with ignorant men who invade the right of women to speak up at home. The only question that I ask is : “Who brought you to this world?” The disgusting answer is always: “My father’s penis.” It does sound funny but is also sad; I am not mentioning that all men have that horrible mentality. But also, many men never confess that women have the biggest percentage of raising many generations. “


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